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A Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Imagine having a job where you don’t have to go through the mundane and monotonous routine of waking up at ungodly hours, navigating through the traffic of uninterested office-goers and sitting in your cubicle for the entire day.

Well, that is a life that Affiliate Marketing offers you. With the steady rise in the complexity of the market in terms of sales, there is a growing demand for novel ways of reaching out to target customers. But before delving into the world of Affiliate Marketing, we need to have a clear understanding of the profession.

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What is the meaning of Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

In layman’s terms, Affiliate Marketing is performance-based marketing where you earn a commission for promoting and generating sales of a company’s product or products. If you generate a sale you get paid and vice versa. The Affiliate searches for a commodity they would promote, market it and earn a commission as remuneration for every sale it makes. It is based on revenue sharing.

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So, how does Affiliate Marketing work?

It works by decentralizing marketing responsibilities by providing contributors with a share of the profit. It creates a more efficient marketing strategy. But there are three significant components for it to happen.

  • Brand- Also known as the retail or seller, they are the ones whose commodity the Affiliate has to promote in exchange of financial benefit.
  • Affiliate – Also known as the advertiser, affiliate is the one who promotes the product to potential customers by convincing them that the product is beneficial to them. If the customer purchases it, the Affiliate gets a percentage of the profit.
  • Customer- Many consumers are unaware that their searches, clicks and purchases are driven by Affiliate Marketing.

Now let’s focus on the Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners:

  • Identify the product or the type of product you want to promo. The simplest way to do it is by figuring out what you are passionate about.
  • Chalk up your strategy . Experience is not imperative here but content knowledge is.
  • Create a platform where you will promote the product and which will contain the links to your Affiliates.
  • Generate sales.

There are many Affiliate Marketing Companies where one can start their career. Some of the companies are eBay, Jet, Amazon Associates, Godaddy, Clickbank, and others. The Amazon Affiliate Program is an Affiliate Marketing Program which is free for website owners or bloggers and lets them advertise products from They promote the products in their platforms by keeping their links in them. Clickbank is an online website for product information to be bought and sold. It is very easy to become a Clickbank Affiliate. It has three steps:

  • Open Clickbank Affiliate Marketing It’s free of charge.
  • Select the product you want to market. You will find a wide range of articles to choose from.
  • Get payments for your Affiliate sales.

You can also find a wide variety of Affiliate Marketing PDFs and articles online to further help you.

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