Communicating Your Brand Through Blogging

Communicating Your Brand Through Blogging

There are so many ways that a company can communicate its brand these days. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are dominating the social media scene, but those aren’t the only outlets available to companies who need to communicate their brand online.

One of the most important ways every business, including small to mid-sized businesses, or SME’s, can communicate their brand is through blogging. Blogging has increased dramatically in popularity in recent years, and it can be a business of its own in some cases.

Brand and marketing experts, like Neil Patel, are already on top of their blogging game. If you are in business, whether you are small, large, or in-between, you will want to reach out to your business audience using a blog. Whether you choose to blog monthly, weekly, daily, or multiple times daily, you can find a blogging schedule that works for you if you follow these basic tips for communicating your brand through blogging.

1. Do your keyword research.

Neil Patel offers a great service online for keyword research, but he’s not the only one. You can do this research yourself, or you can pay a marketer to look up what keywords are relevant to your industry. Get really knowledgeable about these and how they are currently used online.

2. Write something original using the keywords in branded voice.

Don’t just write about the same things everyone else is writing about. Choosing a branded voice means deciding position and tone for most people. You will want to decide how you are presenting your blog, as well. Is is signed just by “admin”, or do you have designated bloggers? Are they upbeat? Super buttoned-up? Technical? Lay these things out for your marketing team before you start blogging, so that you can have a cohesive branded voice. A lot of companies make vocabulary lists to help their bloggers out.

3. Research, research, research your brand image.

Branding takes a lot of work. Sometimes people get their branding work mixed up with their blogging work, and they blame it on the blogging! Don’t be afraid to call branding branding, and blogging blogging. You will want to use some marketer’s tests to find out how your brand image is perceived online, and perhaps offline, before you dive too deep into a blogging master plan. Whether your branded image needs help or is doing well, make sure to present well-researched brand points throughout your blogging, and enjoy the marketing benefits to come.

4. Create memorable content by connecting with the customer.

Whatever is memorable that is on-tone and on-brand, include it in your overall blog theme. Super memorable posts don’t have to be done every day, but the more you can do this, the better. Aim for once a month to start if these are more difficult for you; as you test user interaction and hear feedback, you will get more ideas about what constitutes memorable content for you readers.

5. Create a branded blog plan.

Lay out your blog titles and important details for each day you are going to blog, and stick with it. Many people calendar a quarter to a year at a time. Most successful blog posts are around 2,000 words right now, but if that isn’t your style, you can stick with something shorter. Some very successful blogs are nearly all pictures, the 2,000 word rule is just an overall average. If you can commit to 350 or 500 words and stick with it, then do.

These are just the basics of getting going with branded blogging. There is so much more to this area of business, and with Search Engine Optimization changing as fast as it is, there is always more to learn. But sticking to these basics, especially by keeping up with your own blog schedule, you can provide consistent, branded results that will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

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