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Difference between Affiliate and Influencer marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that encourages blogs or websites to promote their brand. A commission is paid to that website owner in exchange for people buying their product or availing their service.

Influencer marketing is the technique to promote services or products with the help of famous or influential people. The concept of influencer marketing is not new as brands have for long used celebrities for promoting their product, for example, Britney Spears drinking Pepsi. Affiliate marketing companies like Amazon (which has one of the largest promotion networks) also add an influencer program as an extension to their affiliate or associate program. Social media like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have influenced consumers widely.

In case of an Influencer Programme, there is a URL which is directly used to showcase the promoted items. The URL used to showcase the product gives added direct traffic to merchants.

Let us now understand the differences between the two types of Marketing Strategies.

In the case of Influencer Marketing, there is a partnership with the influencer who promotes the product on social media platforms. On the other hand, the Affiliate Marketing strategies promote different content on websites and earn a cut on the number of directed sales.

The main purpose of Influencer Marketing is to strengthen brand image while that of Affiliate Marketing is to generate revenue.

While Influencer marketing is popular on Facebook and Instagram, Affiliate Marketing Strategies make the companies operate on the same networking platform.

Influencer Marketing Statistics report that Instagram is the top Influencer Marketing platform used by the companies, dominating all other social platforms. The influencer’s good social presence influences the mind of a customer more vividly, especially since it’s said through their mouth.

When creating an Instagram profile, it is essential to use a proper username and make sure that their privacy is open to the public.

Hashtags and Tagging are very important. Better the hashtags one chooses, the promotion gets better optimized to pop-up in a customer’s feed.

It is also important that the seller quickly responds to the comments and queries of the customers.

One can create a page whereby one will upload different information about the product. They can go for coupon pricing, shoot one’s images and tag them, and also promote other brands through interlinking and hash tagging.

Upfluence allows marketers to run end-to-end influencer campaigns on a global scale. UpFluence is a paid but wonderful site where one can find influencers from all social media platforms. That being said, there are dozens of other sites out there in 2020, for finding influencers, reviewing analytics, and running campaigns (a few of the many things Upfluence software does).

Most of these other sites have an unpaid version, and maybe even better than Upfluence in some ways.

For instance, if one is are looking for YouTube influencers, then there’s a new tool called InflueNex and it will offer the best value. Unlike Upfluence, it is dedicated to only finding YouTube influencers. It has a huge database of popular YouTube influencers, ranging from different niches to nationalities.

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