Simple Data Entry Work

The Data Entry Work is very simple. It doesn’t require any type of educational and professional background. It is accessible to any individual who is interested in working online. There are not many requirements for working and earning in this career.

Device and connection

Need a Home computer or smartphone with Internet access.

A comfortable Home Office

You will be sitting at your computer for long periods of time- It is better if you have access to a desk and a comfortable work chair.

A number pad

You may be entering a large volume of numbers while doing data entry – a number pad, whether integrated with the keyboard or standalone will be needed.

Common data processing programs

It is beneficial to have access to as many programs as possible such as Microsoft Office Suite and G suite so you have the tools for any kind of data entry job.

Step 1 – Join us and Login your account

You have to Login to your account. You need to activate the data entry package to start data entry work. After successful activation, We will provide you with a data entry software. You have to use the software to do the job.

First, you need to register on our website. After completing the registration, you can log in to your account by using the Username and Password that you will set up at the time of the registration.

Step 2 – Complete your task

Once you are registered and have the software, we will send you work. You can take your time to complete the work. After completing your work, you need to submit it to us.

Step 3 – Earn money

After submitting, we will credit the payment to your account. We will then provide you with additional work. You can transfer the money to your Bank, Payment wallet, PayPal at any time. The Transfer option will be there in your account.

What are you waiting for?

We will provide you this type of simple data to entry. Rs.7 – 10 rupees will be given per successful data entry.