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How to earn money online as a travel agent?

When someone plans a trip, 95% of the times he/she Googles the details of the destination and the accommodation choices therein or contacts a reputed travel agent.

Apart from blogs related to travel, this necessary information is also provided by various websites popularly called as an online travel agency.

A travel agent may be a person on a business organisation, which provides services like— hotel booking, flight booking, booking packages for touring after proper planning, etc, after taking into all the discretion’s made by the customer. A prospective customer can avail these services just by contacting the travel agency and paying the necessary fees.

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How do travel agents make money?

Travel agents, similar to online travel agencies, make money by charging a commission on the amount of the services provided to the vendors by maximizing the sales or in case of consultancy the applicable fee is charged.

When a travel agent is contacted by a customer, he/she does the booking online and hence receives a small fee in the form of commission from hotels and flight companies.

How to become a travel agent?

If you are planning on becoming a travel agent, you need to have certain skills and meet requirements. What are they?

  • Completing school and getting a graduation degree is important to become a travel agent. As one has to deal with a lot of people and everything can be learnt from experience it is better to be well prepared in advance.
  • Graduation can be done on fields like economics, business administration, tourism and hotel and hospitality management.
  • Someone wishing to become a travel agent has to get a license depending on whether the place from where the business will be done requires one to do so. To get travel agent license online in government tourism site of the place. In India that would be
  • In the case of a travel agency as a business organisation, an online application can be made from the above website. Getting the rules and regulations cleared by a lawyer or a CA is also an option.

Travel Consultant

Personnel who exclusively advises the customer on travel options can be referred to as a travel consultant. He/she has a good knowledge of the different tourist destinations and the ways to spend the vacation there.

There are a lot of blogs out there written by travel consultants online to help customers to get a brief idea on how any particular place is. This is also a way in which the audience is attracted to the website. Social media platforms also help travel consultants to advertise themselves and attract customers.

The development of numerous online travel agents like, Expedia, TripAdvisor and MakeMyTrip is becoming a negative aspect for travel agents. As a result, there is a downfall in their numbers with every passing year. But continuing with a competitive attitude and thoroughly developing oneself, good travel agents will always be part of the tour and travel industry.

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