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How to make money from data entry in India?

Data entry jobs have grown in popularity not only in India but also all over the world. The reason for such popularity is that it is a relatively easy job to do, it has flexible working hours and you can work from home and earn money directly in cash.  They are a great opportunity for students, housewife and jobseekers.

Even though Data entry jobs are threatened due to automation, there are still plenty of data entry jobs available in India. It doesn’t require any special skills and all you need is a computer, Internet connection, fast typing skills and pay attention to detail.

Data entry jobs still hold a niche position in India due to its popularity. There are many different kinds of jobs available such as:

1) Copy Paste Work.

2) Image to MS Word conversion work.

3) Inventory management.

4) MS Word formatting.

If you get accepted in a genuine data entry program, you have the potential of earning from Rs. 8000/- to 10000/- per month. A good reliable and trusted job can earn you anywhere from Rs. 300 to 1500 per hour. The trick is to find a genuine data entry work, as there are a lot of scams all over India and on the Internet so be cautious before joining any of them.

A good place to find authentic data entry jobs is to search online. Trusted sites like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiver are reputed and provide access to many data entry jobs from different categories. You can easily make Rs. 10,000 to Rs 20,000 from such sites.

When looking for data entry jobs, you need to be cautious so as to avoid scams. To be able to get genuine jobs, make sure that you do not make the following mistakes.

  • Don’t focus on high income: Since it is a relatively easy job, it is very unlikely that you will be paid lots of money at once so this is the first sign of a scam.
  • Do research: Make sure you investigate carefully before agreeing to do work for any data entry company to ensure that it is a genuine job.
  • Invest less money and check their trial first: There are many companies that ask you to pay a large sum of money before you can start the job. This is another sign of a scam so find out if they are actually genuine before you pay.

Once you are aware of the dangers of getting caught up in a scam, you can avoid them by doing proper research before starting your job. Once you have found genuine job, you can then continue working with them consistently to earn a good amount every month.

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There are some companies who have a good track record of providing genuine data entry work. Some of these are Working Solutions, Searchline Database Pvt Ltd and Zapier. If you are searching home based data entry projects in India, then Business Process Outsourcing Company in Lucknow and Josofttechnologies is good. They provide services like BPO, Call Centre and Data entry for organizations across different industries. Another good site is

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