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PTC sites a potential for that extra income

There are many PTC sites on the Internet that enable users to earn money by visiting or clicking on these sites. You can easily make money through these sites in a fun way.

Though the amount earned is not a lot, it is still a viable way to make some extra revenue. Here in this blog, I will give you a lowdown on these sites and how you can use them to your advantage.

Before we go on to see how to earn the money, we need to understand what are PTC sites.

PTC sites are simply called Paid to Click sites. They pay you money every time you watch an advertisement that is listed on their website.

Requirements for working on PTC:

You don’t need a lot of qualification to earn money in this manner. But there are some basic requirements that you need to fulfill. These include:

  • A laptop or computer with good Internet Connection.
  • A Gmail Account
  • A PayPal Account to receive payments
  • Willingness to work for a few hours every day.

How it works:

Anyone new in the IT market will find it easy to earn money from these PTC sites. The registration on the PTC site is free and no investment is required.  All you need to do is watch the AD and you will be paid around $0.001 to $0.01 for every AD. If it is a longer AD, then you will be paid more money depending on the length of the AD.  All your earnings are automatically updated in your personal account and you can access them anytime.

One issue that many people face is that you only earn a very small amount at a time. You only receive a few cents for every Ad that you view. The amount may be more for a longer Ad, but it is not a whole lot more. This discourages people and don’t want to work on these sitesas the income potential is very low.

However, if a person has a consistent and planned strategy in this kind of work, they can make a fair amount on these sites. You can earn more if you register with more than one PTC site and work regularly. You should ensure that you view all available ads on your account every day. You can even perform some tasks on your account page to earn extra cash. All these small points can ensure that you earn a considerable amount on these sites.

Referral Program:

Referrals are the people working on the sites but have joined using your referral link meaning you are the sponsor. The way you earn money through the referral program is that every time the person you referred earns money, the PTC sites pay you compensation of 10% to 50% of that amount. So you can earn a good amount if the person you referred continues to work.

There are two types of Referral:

  1. Direct referrals are the people who used your referral link to join the PTC sites.
  2. Rented referrals are the people who are assigned to be your referrals for a certain period of time by the PTC sites.

Referrals are the reason for the success of the PTC business and they can boost your incomes considerably. Therefore, to achieve success in this line of work, you need to have a consistent and planned strategy and get as many referrals as your can. Once you can accomplish this, you are on your way to make the extra cash.


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