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Sell your Photos and Videos Online- A great way to turn your hobby into revenue

Do you enjoy taking beautiful photographs? Do you have a knack for taking the best videos among your friends? Well why don’t you convert this hobby and passion into a business.

These days there is a huge market for videos and pictures online due to the expansion of the World Wide Web and the introduction of many websites online, which are looking for unique photos to incorporate into their webpages.

Here, in this blog, I will go over the way and some useful tips to start your photography business online.

There are essentially three ways in which you can sell your photographs.

1. Through Microstock Websites

Microstock Websites have become very popular these days as the demand for stock photography has increased as the trend is towards self-publishing for blogs and eBooks. These sites provide thousands of stock images to designers, authors and bloggers. Using these sites is a great option for photographers to sell their images as these sites help market the images to thousands of users who access their sites every day.

However, there are some disadvantages. These sites charge a high commission for each sale and the photography only receives 20% to 60% of the sale depending on the site. Also these sites tend to sell the images at a very cheap rate and the photographer doesn’t earn a large amount. It is a good option for people who are starting out and still need to build a clientele, but once you have established a brand you can look at other options to sell your photographs.

2. Through sites such as Visual Society

These are the new sites coming up and they make it easier for photographers to sell their images online. They even have options of selling the printed version of the image and is not just limited to the digital print. Sites such as Visual Society allows the photographer to keep 100% of the profits, which is an advantage over the Microstock Websites. Photographers can set their own prices and can build a niche for themselves. These sites also give options to sell the prints on different materials such as canvas, mugs, photo books, cups etc. These value added options make these sites very attractive to the photographers.

3. Through your own website

If you want to create your own brand, then a good idea would be to create a website and then sell your photographs through it. Many photographers feel that it is a very cumbersome and expensive task to create a website, but if you use programs like WordPress, then the process is decidedly easier.

WordPress has a good selection of plugins that are specifically designed for selling images. You can also easily set up payment options through this kind of website. If you are using your own website, you need to have a huge selection of images and videos to attract your customers. You can price them depending on the market and the competition.

You can charge less but you will be receiving all the payment instead of paying off some towards commission. You can also increase sales by selling images in a bundle and offering discounts to be able to sell more and create your brand.  You can also provide additional services of providing physical art prints in addition to the digital prints especially to consumers who are doing photo shoots and want print outs of their shoot. You can also advertise through social media, blogs to attract customers to your website and sell your images to them.

Thus, you can see that it is not too difficult to sell your images and videos online and you can use any of the other option that work for you and is in line with your long-term goals.

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