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Top 5 Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Imagine getting paid for work for which you don’t even have to step down from your bed or go to the office! No office pressure and no deadlines! Dreamy right? But that’s no more a dream now.

Working from home availability has changed the age-old scenario of office culture and provided employees with new flexibility. But is it always beneficial? Whether, on the one hand, we find work from home easy to get on, it may not always be that advantageous. To quickly build an understanding of the same, let us discuss some top pros and cons of working from home.

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Pros of Working from Home:

1. Flexible schedule

Work from home allows you the flexibility that office work doesn’t. There is a fixed schedule, and everything is to be done right on time as per the routine. Thus, there comes a mental pressure that some people are unable to tackle with. With working from home, one is allowed to attain a flexible schedule and work according to his/her vantage. There are no deadlines except one; you’ve completed 24 hours to get it done. To fix your time accordingly, and you may continue your leisure activities with your work and avoid spending extra time at the office.

2. Custom Environment

Forget about the office clutters and chaos that sometimes can be irritating for you to work efficiently. Work from home grants you permission to build your kind of working environment that suits you. Adjust the noise levels, and place your desk at your most favorite place. You can be close to nature or lie on your comfy bed with a hot cup of coffee. Create your custom environment and work free.

3. Say No to Commute and the Crowd

Relieve yourself of the daily medley of a group of people struggling to get a place to stand or sit in buses, trains, and metros. Say no to hectic commute and the crowd that comes free with it. It becomes hard to work freely when you’ve gone through a tiring journey along your way to work. Working from home enables you to work according to your clock and see no rush to the bus stand or metro stations. You don’t have to see the early morning muddle anymore.

4. Save Time and Money

Yes, work from home saves you a lot of time and the expenses of lunch and travel. Get up according to your suited time and save time that gets consumes while you travel from your home to the office place. Manage your expenses efficaciously without wasting it on buying lunch because you arrived late to make one for yourself.

5. Autonomy

Don’t have to worry about the boss’s constant bickers anymore, and neither have to stress about the instructions. You’re given the freedom to make your own decisions to some extent with work from home.

Cons of Working from Home:

1. Difficult to stick to the routine

When you’re in the office, you’re asked to complete the task in a limited time frame, and the environment gets you focused on your work. At home, there persist many distractions, which may cause it difficult for you to stick to a routine. Comfort brings fatigue and sleepiness. Your power naps get you a whole lot of time wasted.

2. Slow work rate

When you have the liberty to decide your own pace and place of work, your speed of completing your daily tasks slows down. You get indulged in many other activities that are there to distract you, hampering your work system.

3. Slow Network Connectivity

Your home may not provide you the connectivity that your office can provide. Your WiFi seems to be iffy in its function, and you’re unable to connect to the network. Office networks are usually bought and secured, thus guaranteeing a fast connection.

4. Lack of Productivity

Your thinking box is limited when you opt for work from home. You’re only exposed to the ideas and knowledge that you know. When you have a variety of people around you, a variety of opinions helps you achieve a good result from your work.

5. No Human Interaction

You’re at your home, without anyone else to accompany you. You have almost zero human interaction, which can be a necessary condition to work healthily. When you interact, your horizon widens, and you learn to work collaboratively. Work from home doesn’t grant you this.

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