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Work From Home as a Typist

Sounds interesting, right? Before diving into the depth of the skills of a typist and every fact revolving around the job of a typist, one should understand what typing is.

It is writing something on a computer or typewriter with the help of a keyboard to produce a document or character. Digitalization is one of the reasons why typing is extremely important. The person involved in such an activity is called a typist.

Sometimes, people refer to typing as an art, and yes, indeed it is. We often hear suave statements like “If you are good at something, never do it for free”. Applying the same logic, if you are a good typist, you have the opportunity to earn money by working from home. In the digital era, starting from shopping to finding love on the internet, everything is done online. In case of typing, it is even simpler. You can earn money online without even going out of your house.

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Generally, people love to work with things they are familiar with. So what can be more suitable than being a typist? Doing a job online from your home on your laptop on your cosy bed with coffee on the other hand.

To be a typist, all you need is a working computer, good internet connection and basic knowledge in Microsoft Office and its tools. There is no time-bound as when to work. You have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere. The educational requirements vary from organisation to organisation. Generally, a graduation degree is preferred in most cases even though a lot of companies hire typists who are a class XII pass out. Typing speed along with accuracy must be maintained to make the best out of it.

Now, if you are a first-timer and already planning to work from home, you should always pay heed to this small precautionary message: There are thousands of fraudulent companies and tricksters waiting to deceive you by promising work. You must take wise steps while searching for these online home-based jobs. There are few genuine job portals where you need to browse sensibly before applying. These jobs are categorized as full time, part-time, contractual. You can choose one according to your time availability.

Here are some of the jobs and companies that recruit fast and accurate typists :

  • Online chat agents: like Apple, Empire Flipper, ModSquad recruits online typists both part-time and full time.
  • Closed captioning work: Captionmax, Transperfect recruits on a contractual basis.
  • Virtual Assistants: Belay, Fancy hands, Time Etc recruits home-based professionals to perform a variety of work.
  • Editors and proofreaders: Eitfast, Flesjobs, Media Bistro hires professionals to polish their works and documents.
  • Transcriptionists: 3Play Media, Rev, Scribble looks for professionals who can listen to audio files and transcribes them into writings.
  • Translation: Keywords Studio, Language Translation, Welocalize are some of the organizations for you if you are multilingual or bilingual.

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